Friday, December 4, 2009


This is Dempsey. I call her the Lifepoint mascot.
She embodies so much of what we're here for...
See nobody wanted Dempsey...she was toothless, discarded, homeless...
In fact, her name is Dempsey, because that's the name of the transient old hotel in downtown Macon, Georgia where she was found.
Dempsey comes to our offices with Dan, one of our board members who cleans the building.
Dan loves the homeless, hurting, forgotten, discarded...the marginalized.
Dan loves community and is famous for saying "doing life together."
Dan has a great financial and business mind and could be anywhere doing anything. But he chooses to reach out to people whom other people don't want to reach out to...but he's not trying "convert" people...he's trying to love them.
Dan adopted Dempsey.
Dempsey loves love.
She would like to have someone give her something to eat...and rub her ears...
Her eyes are sad and deep...they speak of abuse and learning to survive. They speak of loneliness...and the incredible joy of not being lonely anymore.
She just now, as she so often does, came into my office.
I was busy, working on my computer (as Prince said in "Raspberry Beret", "I was busy doing something close to nothing...") Something that would probably have very little affect on history or eternity.
Dempsey saw my empty lap and hand on the computer's mouse.
Dempsey had a better idea...she obviously felt that my lap would be a good for her to rest her jawls...and my hand could serve a better purpose...rubbing her ears...
Dempsey loves love.
She lifted my hand with her nose, nuzzled her chin onto my thigh and perfectly positioned her ear under my hand...
I said (in baby-talk), "Aww...Demps...I love you..."
She looked at me with those eyes and said without saying, thanks.

I see Dempsey as the LP mascot, because she's who we really want to love...the used up, washed up, coulda been, shoulda been, has been, dropped, put out, pushed aside, shooed...

If you feel like a Dempsey...there's love for you.

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