Saturday, July 24, 2010

You’re Not Invisible To Me

Maybe it’s my simplicity,

Or could it be my insanity?

But you’re not invisible to me.

I hear your whisper in the Mediterranean Sea breeze as it cools my skin,

And your passion in the same-named sun that brings the heat again.

I see your power in the crashing waves, your ravishing ways.

Rolling over my mind, my heart—my eyes see you.

I don’t see the dogma that curls the fists of nations

I don’t feel the frustration.

I don’t see the exclusivity of political partisan fight.

I don’t see Left; I don’t see Right.

I don’t see the chapters and verses.

I don’t hear exclamations of curses.

I don’t see my way is better than what you believe.

But I see you—

Plain and simple—

Glorious and complex—

Multi-dimensionally BEAUTIFUL!

You’re not invisible to me.

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