Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nekros: "an intersection of a King's kid brother and a song by the King," or "Imbalance is killing us."

You probably shouldn't read this.

For quite some time I've been disturbed by a word a King's little brother used. He probably used a Greek word, nekros.


He was talking about a place of imbalance. A place where fat kids sit lazily with eyes glazed over...staring at a life they wish they had and never having it.


And I think about the wisdom of the King's song.

A song about closed mouths and active bodies.

You probably shouldn't read this.

We're those fat kids.

We're in that state of Nekros.

You probably shouldn't read this.

So the King's little brother was a man named James.

And he was writing to everyone.

James was talking about "faith without action." He said this...having faith but not having any action...is nekros. NEKROS!

Can you believe the audacity of this heretic? He has the nerve to write this sentence write there in the bible.

"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

A lot of people think this is Jesus little brother...the King's kid brother.

And the King's kid brother said your faith is nekros.



The same bible that talks about faith. The same bible that teaches us to be people of faith...says our faith is dead.

You probably shouldn't read this.

You probably should go find a book for $19.95 that gives the 10 Secrets of a Faith-filled Life, and read that instead.


Jesus' little brother said your faith is dead.

He said it's destitute of force.


The King's little brother said if you're not adding action to your faith...your faith is nekros.

And nekros means dead.

Interestingly enough, this is just after the same man said something about religion (acts of religious worship) that God accepts as pure acts of worship are caring for widows and orphans.

And right after he said we shouldn't just read the word...but we should also do what it says.

Do what it says.

This makes me think of a song of the King.

Well, actually Mac and Billy wrote the song, but they wrote the song for the King to sing and he did.

It was song about the doing more than just talking.

A song about living rather than just being philosophical.

So here's where I talk about our imbalance.

We are great at studying.

We are great at quoting.

We are great at singing.

We underline and discuss, we contemplate, meditate and memorize.

We pray these words and dissect them.

We preach about them.

We hold them up in bleacher seats and protest lines.

But do we do them?


You probably shouldn't read this.

We should all have PhD's, we've read and studied so much.

We talk about the immorality of those who commit...but we don't talk about the immorality of us who omit.

We don't really do the words we study.

The words we say are truth.

The words we say we believe.

Which makes us fat kids playing video games featuring other people who aren't.

We eat and eat and eat and eat...but rarely ever exercise what we've eaten.

How many people have been in a bible study group?

Now, how many people have been in a bible DOING group?

How many of us sing songs declaring our love for our King?

Now, how many of us go out and physically show love to our King?

Elvis, the King, sang a song Mac and Billy wrote. The song: "A Little Less Conversation." I have this sneaky feeling he was probably singing about something else...but I keep wondering how frustrated the other King could possibly be. As he sings over us "A little less conversation, a little more action, please! All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me."

I'm not saying the studying, discussing, reading, memorizing and quoting are wrong. In fact, how could I have written this absent of those disciplines?

The problem is we have this incredible imbalance.

We read about what to do...and don't.

The result?


And our state of nekros is suffered not only by us.

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