Monday, November 14, 2011

Post-It Note

You drew a heart on a Post-it Note, and posted it on my heart.

The gentle thrill,

How your fingertips feel,

Pressing this proof firmly in place,

Tears race down my face,

And in my mirror's reflection I see,

No, no, no longer my inadequacy,

But now an identity,

You've lovingly bestowed upon, and brought forth in me.

It's like me...but not me,

It's like it's me...but a FREE...ME!

A simple heart on mine,

The two, in syncopated rhythm, beating intertwined.

The shaking created by the pounding,

A resurfacing, a resounding...

A dream, in a place where dreams cowered, formerly forbidden...

Uncovered, unearthed, undeniably now...unhidden!

A banishing of barreness, a resurrection, a resuming,

I'm intrigued by the flames' habitude of sustaining, while concurrently consuming!

Imposing hedges that stood between,

Myself, and the Unseen.

Indomitable, this passion surpasses,

A barrier...diminished to ashes.

This passion now knowing free reign,

These flames burn, untamed.

But in my ear,

A whispered fear,

It's certainly been displaced, erased, defaced...

And my finger reaches to my chest and I retrace.

Finding on the skin above pericardia,

An identifying mark,

Mark, what am I saying? No! It's ART!

Composed in ink, inexpungible,


Undefiled it remains...the same,

Only now...more defined.

More recognizable, I find.

Not that transitory paper, but on my heart a brand, a tattoo...

Engraved upon me, but whose ink-filled needles' pain, you knew.

I've lost myself, but in the losing, I've discovered,

The reality of me, this true me, you've uncovered.

My heart is yours.


  1. Ollie, you never disappoint and always deliver a very inspirational word. I can honestly say these are words that cause me to think about the love of my life and because of Him, I can live.

  2. Simply amazing! and not cheesy at all! I love the fact that Daddy has given his people his heart and challenged us to show it to his children! I love you Ollie!