Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Simply, Smile.

(Please forgive my gratuitous emotion and cheese...
But I won't live a dishonest life.
I will not withhold my passion.)

Barren of leaves,
This windblown tree.
Withstanding Winter's toll,
Firmly planted in the security,
Of this gentle river flow.
Let your violence buffet, howl.
And bring your bitter snow.
You'll succeed to only dig in my roots,
To fertile soil below.
Your deepest threat,
Your fear...dark and grave,
Your empty, hollow chide,
Evokes a smile, in my resolve...
Exposing this passion that resides.
Your power to take, Is taken away.
Your plan revealed futile,
For as you scheme to strip away,
Fruit finds production...
And mocks you...
All the while.
So bring your winters' harshest,
Though I tremble,
Though I quake,
And this fullness of life,
This exuberant dance...
Is found here in your wake.
Full beyond containment...
I simply, smile.

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