Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Stacks, Neatly Folded

I'm a passionate believer that it's been mandated to me to be and live transparently. And I'd rather take a chance at embarrassing myself...and maybe, just maybe help someone else.
If you want to call me cheesy or dumb or insane, well...thanks for the compliment!
I've had this same dream SEVERAL times lately.
In my dream, there are two stacks of neatly folded clothes on our bed.
One stack of clothes is self-doubt, frustration, bitterness, worry, fear, judgmentalism, etc.
The other stack is joy, happiness, trust, self-discipline, love, etc.
I'm confronted by these two stacks of clothes and a decision: one stack I have to put away (so they'll be ready to wear when I need them)...the other stack must be THROWN away (so I can never wear them again.)
In this recurring dream, I have to decide what I'm going to keep & wear...and what I'm going to get rid of and never wear.
The dream is very straight forward and easily understandable. It's no surprise that I'd dream it, because it's the discipline I've chosen to confront...but it's an interesting dream.
Like I said, I dream this over & over! I've shared this dream with a few people, but dreamed it again last night, and decided to share it with everyone. If it means anything to you...let it speak, if not, well you'll still have plenty of time for other activities today...
I love you...and encourage you to consider what you wear today.

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